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Celebrating over 15 YEARS IN BUSINESS!   Thank you all for your consistent support, we appreciate you!!

We continue to be Grateful for the privilege to have served and continue to serve All of Our Phenomenal Clients!

As a Woman-owned business, we're honored to support our Charity Partner: Consent Cabal, as they Empower Girls And Women w/ information on our rights to Our Time, Mind, Body and Emotions and raise funds to provide Girls and Women w/ protection items. Find out more about them here: and Support by Donating here.

Visit our Sister Sites EatingForMyL1fe and JustHerGetAway, where Holistic Self-Care is Priority.

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Mission: Empowerment! - What is this?

Over the last 15 years we've been in business, we've been blessed to share healthy touch and Wellness info with an abundance of individuals.  During this time, we've encountered countless people who, when asked what the number one obstacle was to investing in their health, listed money, or lack thereof as number one on the list and convenience, or lack thereof as the second.   

These findings have left us with what we see as a responsibility to our community to find a way to highlight the benefits of investing in our health without the obstacles of money or lack of convenience. Contemplating this responsibility has led us to come up with Mission: Empowerment!, our giveback movement that consists of random days throughout the year that we send out texts, emails and social media network notifications announcing Complimentary Mobile Seated Massage in the DC Metro area AND partnering w/ various non-profits(shelters, domestic abuse survivor networks, children's organizations. etc.) to improve Wellness awareness for our entire families.

 Our main goal with this mission is to Empower the community by sharing information, ideas, resources and followup options on optimum ways to improve our overall Holistic health. 

But we can't do this alone.  In order for this movement to have it's most powerful impact, we need additional supplies, equipment, volunteers, and much more. If so inspired, please make a contribution, become a sponsor, donate and or volunteer TODAY.   For more info on where Mission: Empowerment! is happening in your community and/or how you can assist, please call or text  240-286-5542.

For online donations, please click here.  Thanks for your support!!

We are PROUD to PARTNER with a longstanding, Wholistic Health and Wellness staple in our Community, Yew-360 Wholistic Health and Wellness, LLC., to bring to you their TOP 6 Wild and Organic Herbal Blends!! Click here to purchase yours TODAY:

NEW!!!  Just in time for those that are looking for Budget and Time Friendly Pampering-On -The- Go, join us as we debut our ALL NEW Mobile Unisex "REJUVENATE YOU" Express Spa Party Services!! 
When 4 or more services are booked, the HOST receives a FREE Massage...Call 240-286-5542 to purchase your "Rejuvenate YOU" Express Spa Services

*Appointments are Booked Based on Availability Only, so contact us first to confirm your date is available*

All services now on SALE(Travel Fee($25 w/in DC Metro Area) applies,per visit, for services performed more than 10 miles outside 22044 zip code)...

"Rejuvenate You" Express Spa Menu:

A La Carte


"Motivator"  - 10 min. Mobile Seated Massage $18.75(Normally $37.50)

   "Rejuvenator" - 20 min. Mobile Seated Massage $37.50(Normally $75.00) 


"Crown Chakra Chill" - 10 min. Scalp Massage $15(Normally $20)


"Healing" Hand Reflexology(10 min Hand Massage/Reflexology) $12(Normally $17)

"Fancy" Foot Loose Reflexology(10 min. Foot Massage/Reflexology) $15(Normally $20)

"Majestic" Mini-Mani (Brief Hand Massage And Finger Nail Polish Change(Clean,Shape,Paint)) $15(Normally $20)

"Majestic" Mini-Pedi(Brief Foot Massage and Toe Nail Polish Change(Clean,Shape,Paint)) $20(Normally $25)

"Healing" Hand Treatments(Scrub, Moisturizer, Massage)$22.50(Normally $25.00)

            "Fancy" Foot Work Treatments(Scrub, Moisturizer, Massage)$27(Normally $30.00)


"Refreshing" Express Mini-Facial(Cleansing,Analysis,Toner,Moisturizer)$20(Normally $35.00)

"Motivating" Mini-Makeover(Eyes)$12(Normally $15)

"Motivating" Mini-Makeover(Lips)$8(Normally $12)

"Motivating" Mini-Makeover(Eyes and Lips)$17(Normally $27.00)

"Meticulous" Makeup Touch-up(Foundation, Lips, Brow, Blush)$20(Normally $25)

Going Out Makeover(Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Eyes, Lips, Light Contouring)$55(Normally $75)

"Effervescent" Express Eyelash application(Strip)$15(Normally $25)

Packages  (SAVE MORE!!)

"Peace" of Mind #1 Package("Motivator" and "Healing" Hand Treatment) $40(Normally $60.00)

    "Peace" of Mind #2 Package("Rejuvenator" and "Healing" Hand Treatment)$50(Normally $100.00)

"Restoration" #1 Package
("Motivator" and "Fancy" Foot Work Treatment) $44.50(Normally $64.50)

  "Restoration" #2 Package("Rejuvenator" and "Fancy" Foot Work Treatment)$54.50(Normally $105.00)


"Celebrate YOU" Package #1 ("Motivator","Healing" Hand  Massage and "Fancy" Foot Loose Massage)$55(Normally $62)

"Celebrate YOU" Package #2 ("Rejuvenator", "Healing" Hand and "Fancy" Foot Work Treatments) $75(Normally $130)

All complete w/ relaxing music to set the ambience.

Call  240-286-5542 to purchase your "Rejuvenate YOU" Express Spa Services TODAY!!


 Taking care of one's mind, body and soul amounts to one of the most important things you can do for yourself and others.

Indulge with our other Mobile services below to assist in transforming your body and spirit.

 Holistic Workshops
Full Spa Parties (Seated Massage/Table Massage, Hand/Foot Treatments, manicures and pedicures(full and mini), facials(full and mini), Rejuvenation Station, etc.)
Music for Living/Bless-A-Grams(Green Light Productions)

NEW!!!  Join us in welcoming our newest series:

Whole Family Wellness

"Establishing WHolistic Wellness for the Whole Family"

Having FUN and bringing improved connection to students in Jamaica while their One-room school was being painted by Harvest Outreach International!

Led by our Tranquil Living Consultants, your family will be guided through key elements of Whole Family Care.

(This series is highly customizable and each Element below can be brought to you separately as well as be learned in as little as a 30 min. workshop, 1 hour workshop, 1 day series, multiple day series, multiple week series, multiple month series...your choice!)
*Majestic Movements
  Using various Holistic exercise modalities, family will explore connection to their bodies, proper posture and energized movement.
*Family Time: Unplugged
Families will explore various FUN activities to do together
*Rawkstars: Healthy Eats
Families will examine ingredients on various, common snacks and collectively create some healthier alternatives
*Mindful Living
Through meditation and mindful games, families will explore how focus and being more in the moment assists w/ improved family connection
*Healing Halftime
Using various Holistic Healing modalities(massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, etc.)  families will explore easy routines to do together  for a more calm, connected and centered family unit.

Register today and obtain wellness for your family NOW!!
Our Tranquil Living Consultants are standing by:

Nationally Certified Professionals
Home/Office..Great for individuals, couples, groups, families, children, friends, enemies

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