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Tranquil Blessings presents

Whole Family Wellness

"Establishing WHolistic Wellness for the Whole Family""

Led by our Tranquil Living Consultants, your family will be guided through key elements of Whole Family Care.

(This series is highly customizable and each Element below can be brought to you separately as well as be learned in as little as a 30 min. workshop, 1 hour workshop, 1 day series, multiple day series, multiple week series, multiple month series...your choice!)

Register today and obtain wellness for your family NOW!!
Our Tranquil Living Consultants are standing by:



Healing Halftime


  “Bringing Children and Families Alternative Methods to create Happy, Healthy, Stress-free homes and lives”

                                                   Healing Halftime” introduces:

                       Mindful Living concepts and Meditation (Thoughts, Actions, Body, etc.)

                                 Info on how to recognize signs and symptoms of Stress

                                      Tips and resources to assist in Stress-Reduction

                           Simple massage routine children and families can do together


                                       Overall Calmness/Well-Being

  Improved Bonding/Connection between Families and Children Peer Groups

                              Improved Concentration/Mental Clarity

                                 Elevated Respect for Self and Others

                                  Improved Social Inclusion/Empathy

  Less Stress, Bullying, Aggression, Dysfunction     




“Project: ACTIVATE”

Assisting Children in becoming Successful Entrepreneurs NOW!!

This workshop series will introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to children through hands-on, experiential learning and simulation.  Students will actually start businesses using a variety of free resources and receive instruction on how to maintain successful operation.


Topics addressed will include:


Learning Styles




Business Language


Making and Analyzing Choices


Business Types


Business Plans


Team work


Group-decision making and problem solving

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